dogsAnimal lovers rescued more than 200 critters Friday in Texas.

Sixty-eight dogs, 16 rabbits, 15 guinea pigs, 13 gerbils, 2 dwarf hamsters, 2 hedgehogs, and 1 opossum were among the mammals discovered. E-I-E-I-Oh!

Rescuers also found 26 hissing cockroaches, a pink toe tarantula, and two bearded dragons.

The SPCA conducted the round up with the blessing of the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department.

A warrant regarding medical neglect had been filed.

Living conditions in the doublewide were deemed unfit even for the cockroaches.


5 thoughts on “Zoo Found in Doublewide Trailer

  1. Wow, this is love! You’re reading the most read stuff. (Not judging from the number of comments…but this is a biggie). I had a cat, iguana, and firebelly toads all at once once. But it wasn’t messy. 😉

  2. Why do people do this? Why? It’s not the same as letting animals roam free on your land, feeding and caring for them. Is it a type of mental illness? The lock animals up until they rot while call it love illness? We humans are a strange lot.

    • You’re onto something, I think, SteadyCat. While I was on vacation I saw this Animal Planet show where a seemingly crazy lady had about a bazillion dogs and cats. She started out as a breeder…and the operation got out of control. Inbreeding, disease. She seemed like she loved the animals but could not accept she could not afford to care for them all properly. So, the mental problem was not recognizing reality.

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