Siegelman Effectively Disappeared

This is former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman. Right now he is in federal prison in Oakdale, Louisiana. Sure, Alabama’s capital, Montgomery, has a federal minimum security prison, but the Justice Department under this White House and the political machinations of Karl Rove has put Siegelman out of the reach of his state, his attorneys, his friends, and his family. Even journalist access is being denied. He is effectively iron-masked, silenced, disappeared. The House Judiciary Committee is investigating the circumstances of Siegelman’s prosecution since Rove has apparently had a hand in it.

As U.S. Attorneys (ones that were not fired incidentally) pursued, dropped, then conveniently recharged Siegelman as he was running again for Governor of Alabama, Siegelman characterized the charges as being steeped in the sort of corruption that went to high, high political places. MSNBC details the latest with Dan Abrams: Bush League Justice. Scott Horton, a contributor to Harpers Magazine, says Rove and Bolton being held in Contempt now is related to the Siegelman case.

Rove played prominently in the election strategy of Alabama Governor Bob Riley.

Riley plays holier-than-thou as a rule. Yet, Riley is linked to Michael Scanlon as in Jack Abramoff/Michael Scanlon Corruption Scandal. Scanlon formerly served as Riley’s Press Secretary. Now, for the unschooled, Siegelman tried to bring a state lottery to Alabama in part arguing the gaming revenue that goes to Mississippi could stay in Alabama. Riley ran opposed to the lottery. According to a U.S. Senate Committee Abramoff said that a Mississippi Band of Choctaw linked to gaming spent $13 million on Riley’s campaign in 2002. Scanlon’s records show the tribe paid him $4.5 million to protect their gaming interests.

If you want to let Siegelman know he is getting his voice back and has not been permanently black-bagged like a character in V for Vendetta, write:
Don Siegelman
P.O. Box 5060
Oakdale, LA 71463 USA


3 thoughts on “Siegelman Disappeared

  1. The Bush Mafia started disappearing him a long time ago. When Siegelman and Riley first ran, Siegelman went to bed elected governor and woke up to a new claim that Riley was governor. Siegelman was denied a recount by then Alabama Attorney General “Bill” Pryor. Bush rewarded Pryor with a federal judge position, Congress blocked, but Bush did one of those sneaky end arounds by making Pryor a recess appointment.

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