Zach and Umar end No-Shave November

HOOVER, ALABAMA, USA–No, it is not a quirky United Colors of Benetton. It’s friends, Zach Wunderly and Umar Quraishi, in the middle of ridding themselves of a month’s worth of beard growth. The Hoover High School students were among thousands of young men across the world who signed up for Facebook.com’s “No-Shave November.” Though Zach, 17, and Umar, 15, each separately boasted one would out beard-grow the other to certain Rip Van Winkle proportions, by the end of the month the boys found they had about the same capacity for facial hair growth. Both are happy be clean shaven again describing the beard experience as “itchy.”

Zach and Umar are both honor students at Hoover High School and play with the school’s marching band. Zach plays the alto saxophone. Umar plays the bass clarinet. You can catch the Hoover High School Marching Band playing in the Fiesta Bowl Parade.


2 thoughts on “No-Shave November Ends

  1. Pat White played Amazing…

    “White finished with 150 yards on 20 rushes, including a 42-yarder that was one of six Mountaineer plays from scrimmage of 30 or more yards. He also was 10-of-19 passing, including a WVU bowl-record 79-yarder to Tito Gonzales.”
    From a Pat White Website.

    It was a great shootout for a while there.


  2. Another stud is Noel Devine.

    “Slaton laughed when asked about his future plans and said he didn’t want to dilute the victory and talk about the NFL. Should he leave and skip his senior season, Devine showed he was a capable replacement.”
    Steve Slaton‘s website.

    I think Slaton has a lot of thinking to do, if he stays he could end up being a back up and drop more in his NFL Draft stock, if he goes to the pros his Draft stock is low right now….I think the best thing to do is hit the pros, get some dough, and hopfully stay healthy and show them what he beleives he can do..

    but i don’t know much.

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