California’s Kern County Sheriff Department purchased plain, white patrol cars and ordered graphics for the cruisers from a local shop. They got a little more than they bargained for.

Deputies rode around this way for about a week before somebody drew the slogan to the department’s attention.

The employee who applied the graphics did so on the last day before his retirement.

Snopes investigates the truth behind the story.


8 thoughts on ““We’ll Kick Your Ass…And Steal Your Doughnuts, Too”

  1. “To Protect..And Serve Doughnuts” This is a whole lot funnier than my quitin day prank at the factory I hated so much. I swiped all the round black ball knobs off the Toyota forklift. Still got ’em too!

  2. You should! Sometimes it’s quite satisfiying. Like the time I was the stockroom guy at a big McCrory dime store. My evening replacement was a dip shit 17 year old letterman from Grand Prarie HS and egotistic beyond belief.. Kid needed to be taken down a notch. When he let it be known that it was his 18th birthday a little light went on in my head. Went and got a card off the rack, paid for it, and got every female in the store to sign it. Then I wraped his “gift” from all the girls, the bigest tub of Vaseline that we sold. You can’t imagine the look on his face as the chicks watched him unwrap the gift. Now thats a prank.

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