A compilation of alleged chupacabra sightings:

SAN MARCOS, TEXAS, USA – A freakish animal corpse found in Texas has been identified as a coyote by researchers at Texas State University.

The biologists ruled out the mythical, bloodsucking chupacabra saying it’s just a plain, old coyote. “The DNA sequence is a virtually identical match to DNA from the coyote,” biologist Mike Forstner said in a statement. “This is probably the answer a lot of folks thought might be the outcome. I, myself, really thought it was a domestic dog, but the Cuero Chupacabra is a Texas Coyote.”

Given Texas isn’t exactly the science state, a second opinion may be in order. The corpse (image removed) looked just like a Mexican Hairless. A dead Mexican Hairless, but still a Mexican Hairless. A virtual match isn’t an exact match. And “almost” doesn’t really seem to cut it for DNA. A human being and a great ape are genetically similiar. So, maybe an actual geneticist will be put on the case. The poor, deceased beast looked nothing like a coyote. (Coyote snouts taper more. Mexican Hairless snouts are thicker. I’m just saying.)

South Texas residents, Phylis Canion and some of her neighbors discovered the 40-pound bodies of three of the animals in July near her ranch in Cuero. Canion said she saved the head of the animal she found so she could find out its ancestry through DNA testing and then mount it. Additional skin samples have been taken to try to determine the cause of the “coyote’s” hair loss.

Chupacabra is Spanish for “goatsucker.” The creature of legend is believe to have originated with Mexico and Puerto Rico.

31 thoughts on “Chupacabra or Coyote or Something Else Entirely

  1. It looks like a product of taxidermy, but it has to be a model. I just grabbed the picture of the web, because I figured people would want an idea of what a chupacabra is supposed to look like.

  2. This woman is out of control. She’s killing stray Xolo’s (pronounced Sholos) and doing it to make a buck. Has it always been legal to kill feral dogs in Texas by running them down and using them for target practice?

    If you did research on the chupracabra legend you will find what I did. It was invented by a reporter and parents have since used it as a story to scare their kids into obedience. None of the so called eyewitness accounts match and some are even totally contradictory (including feathers).

    Mexican Hairless dogs are prone to skin conditions and are often missing teeth because the gene that makes them hairless also causes their dentition to be partially missing. It’s a dog and a rare one at that. No one would ever consider doing to a chineese crested what this maniac is doing and it’s an outrage.

  3. My son raises Xoloitzcuintili dogs and they put Lassy to shame. They are super intelligent, funny, easy going, loyal wonderful dogs and they live a long time too.

    My son has a Xolo and I am in awe everytime I’m around it. They are wonderful majestic animals and should not be run over by Ignorant people like this Phylis Canion. What she has there is a Xolo. The local news media ran a story about it and my heart sank.

    Maybe this woman needs to be run over and shot. It’s obvious she will never grow a brain… She’s too busy making a buck scamming people to get them to buy tee shirts of a dead bloated dog.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if she obtained the dogs from illegal immigrants and the only reason they aren’t coming forward is because they don’t want to be deported. Xolo’s are so rare that some estimates put them at less than 4000 world wide. These are elegant wonderful animals and they need protection.


  4. I despise stupid people… and this woman is probably the dumbest person on planet earth. Does she honestly believe in the chupracabra?

    Hello? Its a freaking dog already!

    Maybe she should start believing in the tooth fairy too… what a moron.

  5. ok im not entirely sure on if chupracabra is real but their is a chance it is beacause of cross breading. And Jay you dont have to be so mean if you dont beleave in it why did you get on this page just to diss on people who do . if you did than ur a big fat jerk.

  6. Billy, my husband and I visited Puerto Vallarta and we encountered [ran into] a lady who was walking her dog. It was the strangest [and, homeliest] dog but he was sooo, friendly. She told us it was an ‘authentic Mexican dog’ I was intrigued. Then this stupid crap came over the news and internet, people I worked with were sure it was armaggeddon or shit or whatever, I want to move into a tree. If only these people would read a book [like the dictionary] I’m sure these are the same people that haven’t discovered that their car have turn signals!!!!

  7. Why are all of them found dead for goodness sakes. She found three on her property in one summer. Were they all dead or did she shoot them? She said she’s hunted for years (in another article I read) and said she’s never seen anything like that. Why are they all dead? Is something else killing them?

  8. I am a wildlife biologist and have worked with wild coyotes in 3 US states. In every state a certain amount of wild coyotes harbor and transmit mange. Eventually a perfectly healthy coyote will succumb to mange and you will see an animal that looks exactly like what they show in this ridiculous show. The so called expert has obviously never seen wild canines with mange before.

    The mange death is a horrible slow death and either you freeze to death or die of heat exposure. This affects pups in the den same as adults.

    Please don’t mistake this deal for some kind of dog, this is a coyote with mange, people often don’t see them because they die in a crawl space or in a den or burrow because they are seeking shelter that their hide normally provides.

  9. further,

    what is so sad is that folks who don’t want animals managed in any way prefer this “good natural death” to one caused by a bullet.

    what you are seeing are coyotes with mange, nothing special about it, just reality!

  10. ok I just got done watching a movie on chpuacabras and I am ready to cry I am so scared, people open it eyes I never saw just a dog go kill someone and suck their blood I will do more research and I will travel around Arizona state and will find it and wen I do put it head in shame if u want to discuss this my email is sirenslert187@aol.com

  11. I take offense at the comment, “Given, Texas isn’t exactly the science state.” Who says? I just don’t think you can throw out a statement like that.

    • Well, there’s that whole textbook thing with the Bible thumpers and right-wing reactionaries on the TXSBOE deciding that fake history is the only kind that should be in Texas textbooks. So maybe Melissa might have eschewed the ‘science state’ remark in favor of something more accurate, like ‘dumbass state’, but then that wouldn’t have been tongue-in-cheek and would have been no fun at all.

      As for the dog’s head, obviously it’s a ventriloquist’s dummy. You can tell because the woman has her hand up its neck to make the tongue move.

      (Christ I’m bored today!)

  12. I’ve seen some HUGE jack rabbits, Jerry. HUGE. Ears coming up to mid thigh. But that was in Arizona. We’re here:

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