WASHINGTON, D.C., USA -The supernatural is alive and well in the American psyche with 23% of those polled telling the Associated Press/Ipsos that they’ve seen a ghost or felt a spiritual presence.

19% percent believe in the existence of spells or witchcraft, while 48% take stock in extrasensory perception, or ESP.

Single adults, Catholics, and those who never attend religious services are the most likely candidates for visitations. 31% of liberals and 18% of conservatives report having seen phantoms.

30% have sensed a specter in the room after waking up.14% of people polled say they have seen a UFO.

51 percent of college graduates believe in ESP compared to 37 percent with a high school diploma or less believing.

The top superstitions are: Finding a four-leaf clover is lucky. Walking under a ladder is unlucky. Also unlucky, the groom seeing his bride before their wedding followed by black cats, breaking mirrors, opening umbrellas indoors, and the number 13.


22 thoughts on “Belief in Ghosts Persists in America

  1. i belive that there is alot out there that we dont know of and also spirits of people (ghosts)wiccas ect why not everyone has felt the hair in there neck stand up for no reason….was it no reason??

  2. yes, i believe in ghosts. of course i do. i have been givn sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many reasons for believing in them. i think that they still remain because they were to good to go to Hell and to bad to go to Heaven, so they were doomed to stay on the Earth

  3. i believe in ghosts because i’ve seen some from time to time. sometimes we hear the sound of a vehicle in our farmroad and when we take a look there’s NOTHING outside. the guy who lived here before , died in a car crash on his way home. I believe it is him coming home every time….

  4. idk y kids dont believe in me im am a real ghost and i will haunt who ever thinks im fake… thats rite i can see you write nowwww

  5. That’s cigarette smoke caught in the flash. Try it yourself – take a photograph with a flash in dark conditions and blow cigarette smoke in front of the lens (or hold the cigarette below the lens) and you will get almost exactly the same effect.

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