(WriteChic Press) New Haven, Connecticut.

Administrators in New Haven found nothing funny about a substitute teacher’s decision to show the Simpson’s Movie to elementary school children. Officials have fired  30-year-old Aquil Abdul-Salaam for showing an alleged bootleg copy of the film. School officials say they did warn Abdul-Salaam that the PG-13 rated film was not age appropriate for children. Officials said Abdul-Salaam admitted showing the movie to students at Beecher School between mid-September and Oct. 4. Beecher includes grades kindergarten through seventh grade. The movie is rated as inappropriate for children under 13 and contains mild profanity, cartoon nudity and adult humor.


15 thoughts on “Doh! Teacher Fired for showing Simpsons Movie

  1. I am John Edwards, a democrat, that is in te elections for President. I think that this scene should not be shown in elementry schools. Please vote for me. I am with the Simpsons.

  2. Although the kids would have had a blast, this is definitely not a kids’ movie, and should never be shown in an elementary class. It is an adult show, as it always has been, and contains material that is way out of line for young kids.

    That said, perhaps this could have been shown in high school. I doubt I’d have any problem with that.

    Oh, and if that’s really you, John Edwards, I vote Libertarian.

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  4. I drew the picture, I dindnt think it would pop up in so many places. it was taken off my deviantart page : hamjava.deviantart.com

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