Ok, maybe one size can fit all.

This week condom makers gather for a conference in South Korea to discuss standards and marketing. First and foremost, many industry experts want to lose the notion of “one size fits all.” The new direction would include sizes long to longer, a measuring kit, and as many as 95 different sizes of condoms. This isn’t just about sensitivity to pleasure and consumers. Men are more likely to use condoms if they’re comfortable, and using condoms is a public health issue worldwide.

Delegates from more than 20 countries have been given the opportunity to push for standards that accommodate the reality that one size does not fit all. One manufacturer that currently offers different sizes points out more than half of his company’s orders are for men measuring less than 5.12 inches. Standards factor in critically as a failed or unused condom may result in disease or unwanted pregnancy. A loose, ill-fitting condom could lead to the same. The International Organization for Standardization based in Switzerland oversees the industry.

The standard condom measures just less than 6 1/2 inches. Changing standards to include penises measuring less than or greater than that size means recalibrating and overhauling testing equipment worldwide. Manufacturers do not expect an approval to changes for another year.


3 thoughts on “Revamping Condom Sizes: XL, XXL, or Homewrecker

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