Sea Lamprey

Dr. Max D. Cooper studies immune systems at UAB. His studies have taken him to the Great Lakes to investigate the immune systems of sea lampreys and whether the results could aid in diagnosing and treating diseases in humans.

Killing off Badgers may not be the Answer…

A new report claims the virtual extermination of badgers in the Republic of Ireland has failed to stop the spread of bovine tuberculosis.

Efforts continue in Fight Against Bird Fluchicken

A new anti-viral drug to treat both bird and human flu, developed by U.S.-based BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, will be tested across Asia next month, according to a pharmacist involved in the trial in Hong Kong. Testing will include individuals seeking pre-season treatment. Tamiflu and Relenza have been the only medications effective against this virulent strain of influenza thus far. A death rate of up to 60% has spurred the search for other drugs and vaccines to fight the H5N1 strain. Experts fear a pandemic if virus develops ability to spread easily among humans.

Pole Position–First Rate in Fitness! Nordic Walking

Nordic walking catching on in the U.S. as the latest fitness trend. Nordic walking works the arms, shoulders and upper chest and back muscles through a full range of motion, stretching and lengthening those muscles which are often tight. The motion works to overcome the hunching forward that many people adopt while working at desks, computers, reading or watching TV. Nordic Walking got its start as a summer training program for skiiers in Finland.

test: Police in Dayton, Ohio


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